“The highest person uses his heart like a mirror. He doesn’t reject anything and doesn’t welcome anything, he answers, but doesn’t hold on to anything.”
Zhuang Zi

Fire dragon of Lei Zhang
Learning and applying Chinese medicine lives from your own direct experience. Learning is a transformative process in which healing and education go hand in hand. It also means that spirituality and medicine are one. Spirit (Shen), its radiance (Shen Ming) or energy (Qi) and essence (Jing) can only be grasped with the mind to a limited extent, but we can experience it ourselves. Chinese medicine is less what you do than what you are.

Important aspects are:

  • applied knowledge through experience-based training
  • You experience your heart-spirit (Shen) as the key to healing
  • Chinese medicine as awareness work
  • Learn to perceive, use and transform emotional energies
  • Use of Chinese medicine independent of one of its secondary therapeutic pillars such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, Tuina or dietetics
  • Apply Chinese medicine and Daoist wisdom in the here and now. Rooted in the old text sources and specifically related to you and your environment

“The highest level of treatment is in Oneness. (…) Whoever grasps the spirit will bloom.”
Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen – Chapter 13

Structure of training

The training is based on the system of five phases of change or five elements (Wu Xing). This offers a unique access to the physical and mental-emotional experience of humans.
The different subject areas can be studied in addition to one another or independently of one another: