Additional Information

Extend training

The basic modules are identical for the different training courses and form the basis for the respective specialization. Thus, seminars that have already been completed are credited both in terms of content and to the training fee. You can choose to take several branches of training directly or at a later date.
At the beginning of the training, the most important theoretical basics are taught in order to gain direct experience with practical application in all other modules based on these basics.

Recognition of the DDQT

The Shendao Center is a member of the German umbrella organization for Qi Gong and Taijiquan (DDQT). The Qi Gong training is based on its general training guidelines (AALL) and is recognized by the DDQT. After completing your training, you can also apply for the DDQT seal of approval and make the high standard of your training transparent.

Exams and internships

As part of the Qi Gong course instructor, teaching samples and an oral, practical and written final exam each serve to ensure quality and to identify the participants’ own level of knowledge.
In addition, an internship and / or assistance with an external teacher is carried out in order to get to know a different perspective. This is documented with an informal written certificate.
In the Qi Gong teacher training, 12 documented teaching units are carried out with the training content of the teacher level themselves and serve as the basis for supervision in the final colloquium.
There is an oral, practical and written final exam in the specialist training for Chinese medicine. In addition, 12 documented applications with a client / patient and 12 documented self-treatments are carried out in order to experience and deepen the training content. The practical experience gained in this way also serves as the basis for supervision within the training.

Seminar weekends

The training modules take place part-time either on weekends Saturday and Sunday or on an extended weekend from Friday to Sunday all day.
Missed appointments can be made up in subsequent training groups after consultation.


The completed training courses will be certified by the Shendao Center if all required exams have been passed and at least 90% of the training modules have been attended. Missed modules can be made up for in the following training cycle.

Advice and getting to know each other

You are welcome to get personal advice on all training issues and to convince yourself of the quality of the courses in the current training cycle.