Qi Gong instructor

In this training you will experience the essence of the five elements (Wu Xing) water, fire, wood, metal and earth and you can integrate them into your life and convey them in a lively way. We awaken the energies of turtle, crane, dragon, snake and tiger. You will feel the Qi of the meridians and organs and learn a time-honored Qi Gong from the living Wudang tradition.
In addition to medical and alchemical knowledge, the wisdom of Daoism accompanies you through the entire training.

Qi Gong is what connects you to heaven and earth, widens your heart and reveals your core.

For every minute of theory there is an hour of practice. It is about your immediate experience, about the changes in life, the transformation of your energy and the connection to the forces of nature.

Structure of training

Qi Gong course instructor: 300 units of 45 minutes each. in 2 years
The training to become a Qi Gong instructor comprises 9 modules on 17 weekends in 2 years

Qi Gong Practice – Moving Qi Gong (Dong Gong)

  • Wudang Wu Xing Qi Gong – Qi Gong of the five elements from the Wudang Mountains
  • Ba Duan Jin – The eight brocade exercises

Qi Gong Practice – Silent Qi Gong (Jing Gong)

  • Liu Zi Jue – Six Healing Sounds
  • Xiao Zhou Tian – Small Heavenly Cycle

Qi Gong practice – further exercises

  • Zhan Zhuang – standing meditation
  • Preparation and relaxation exercises
  • Tapping and stroking massage
  • Bu Fa Gong – step work

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Qi Gong theory

  • Origins of Qi Gong
  • Traditions, styles and systems of Qi Gong
  • Definition of Qi Gong
  • The three resources of Qi Gong – body, breathing and spirit
  • Possibilities and limits of Qi Gong in different areas of application
  • Qi Gong in China and Germany
  • Four principles (opening / closing and rising / falling)

Knowledge of Chinese medicine

  • Taiji – yin yang
  • Five elements / phases
  • Physiology / Pathology (basics)
  • Meridians and important acupuncture points for Qi Gong
  • San Bao – The three treasures
  • Dao and Chinese medicine
  • philosophy
  • Awareness in Chinese medicine
  • Wu Shen (The five mental-spiritual aspects)
  • psychoenergetics

Further knowledge and content

  • Basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology (e.g. Iliopsoas muscle, spine, breathing, cardiovascular system)
  • Knowledge of first aid: The most common situations occurring in class (dizziness, syncope, …) and adequate behavior are discussed, possible physical and mental complaints in the course and how to deal with them, side effects and possible incidents, limits to your own options
  • Basic knowledge of neurobiology and cell biology
    general pedagogy
  • Didactics and methodology of Qi Gong teaching
  • Structure of the lesson (individual training, course, seminar, lesson series)
  • Self-experience: reflection on the training process as part of personal development. Effects of Qi Gong on self-perception and external perception. Reflection of your own habitual patterns. Dealing with emotions using the methods of Qi Gong and meditation
  • breathing techniques
  • Mechanics and structure of posture and postural errors. Inner and outer connections. Basic forms of incorrect posture, characteristic incorrect posture, detection of incorrect posture. Attitude building and factors involved
  • Transfer to everyday life
  • Practical teaching of theoretical content

Training costs

Qi Gong instructor
Regular: 3600 €, early bird 3300 €, payment in installments possible

Recognition and certification

The Qi Gong training is based on the general training guidelines (AALL) of the German umbrella association for Qi Gong and Taijiquan (DDQT).


The complete curriculum for the “Qi Gong course instructor” training can be found here.

Participants’ comments

“The training gave me the opportunity to get to know the 5 animals more intensively, and in particular the respective pathways that have interested me for a long time. In the meantime, I can even imagine actually teaching the 5 animals. For the lot of knowledge, the understanding and experiences gained and with it also for my own development in the past two years I would like to thank Niels very warmly. I am already looking forward to the next modules of the training. “
Nadine B.

“Dear Niels,
Your free and at the same time very accompanying teaching method made me experience the Qi Gong exercises with you as very beneficial. That motivated me to learn more about Chinese medicine. That is why I started training as a course instructor about two years ago.
I am very grateful to you that I can be there even with little previous knowledge and physical limitations and that I am always welcome. This also applies to the entire training group. You provide a protected training space in which everyone can grow in their own way. A lot has changed during this time.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. “
Petra, respiratory educator