Qi Gong teacher


In the teacher training you work out the essence of Qi Gong on the three levels of body (Xing), energy (Qi) and spirit (Shen). We use two strong forms of Qi Gong from the Daoist monasteries to explore the deepest energetic structure of the miracle meridians (Qi Jing Ba Mai) and the inner energy fields (Dantians) and to practice merging with the universal energies (Hun Yuan).

We immerse ourselves in the cosmic wisdom of Yi Jing (Book of Changes) and decipher the alchemical meaning of the meridians and energy flows. The strengthening of the physical body through spiral movements in all joints, tendons and muscles is combined with a deep understanding of the principles of action of Qi and the transformative power of silence.

You return to the origin, are at home in the here and now and experience what it means when you learn and teach without words. Your radiant presence that what you really are is what you teach.

What you learn in training

A seminar recording from January 2019 of the first module of the Qi Gong teacher training provides insights into the content of the next two years and supports you with contemplation to find out your motivation for the training and your work.

Structure of training

Qi Gong teacher: 250 units of 45 minutes each. in 2 years
The training as a Qi Gong teacher comprises 8 modules with 14 weekend seminars. The teacher level can be taken separately if the course instructor has been already completed.

Qi Gong Practice – Moving Qi Gong (Dong Gong)

  • Xian Tian Hun Yuan Gong – Returning to the Origin
  • Li Dan Gong – The Standing Elixir

Qi Gong Practice – Silent Qi Gong (Jing Gong)

  • Dantian Qi Gong
  • Ming Xiang – meditation

Complementary exercises

  • Fang Song Gong
  • Work with the Kua
  • Opening and closing / rising and falling
  • spiral structure

Qi Gong theory

  • Daoism and Buddhism
  • Deepening of the three resources and three treasures
  • psychosomatic medicine
  • Possibilities and limits in different areas of application
  • Operating principles in everyday life, teaching and therapy

Knowledge of Chinese medicine

  • Deepening psychoenergetics of Chinese medicine
  • pathology
  • Shen and Yuan Shen
  • Jingshen – essence spirit
  • Qi stagnation
  • Emotions in Chinese medicine, emotions as pathogenic factors
  • The eight extraordinary meridians (Qi Jing Ba Mai) and the eight trigrams (Ba Gua) as well as important energy gates

Further knowledge and content

  • Advanced anatomy and physiology
  • Neurobiological basics
  • Cell biological basics
  • Psychological basics
  • Stress as a cause of illness
  • Dealing with responsibility
  • communication
  • Self-experience: reflection on the training process as part of personal development. Effects of Qi Gong on self-perception and external perception. Reflection of your own habitual patterns. Dealing with emotions using the methods of Qi Gong and meditation.
  • Alchemy of emotions
  • Important works of Chinese medicine, Daoism and internal alchemy
  • Transfer to everyday life
  • Practical teaching of theoretical content

training costs

Qi Gong teacher
Regular: 3000€, early bird 2750 €, payment in installments possible

Recognition and certification

The Qi Gong training is based on the general training guidelines (AALL) of the German umbrella association for Qi Gong and Taijiquan (DDQT).


The complete curriculum for the “Qi Gong Teacher” training can be found here.