Therapist for Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is the medicine of Dao, the all-encompassing One. The more we live its qualities, the further we can accompany people on the path of healing based on our own authentic experiences.

“You can only go with people as far as you have gone.”
Niels Paulini

Qi Gong and Inner Alchemy (Nei Dan) are embodied medicine. The theoretical knowledge serves to deepen the practice and not the end in itself. It is not a theoretical course!

After completing the training, you will have a wealth of experience based on ancient Chinese medicine and therefore have everything you need in order to be successful for you and everyone you work with.

Training goal

The training enables the practical and competent application of Chinese medicine regardless of secondary methods such as acupuncture or herbal medicine. The highest principle of Chinese medicine is the spirit (Shen). Its healing presence and clarity (Shen Ming) enable you as a therapist or user to recognize relationships, treat emotions as important pathogenic factors and diagnose them on a deeper level and thus make the root (ben) of suffering aware. In doing so, you support people on the spiritual level as well as on the physical level to regain their strength and experience healing.

“It’s your way – some can walk it with you, but nobody can walk it for you.”
Dschalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

Structure of training

779 units of 45 min. in 3 years

The training to become a therapist for Chinese medicine consists of the three training modules:

Qi Gong instructor
Qi Gong teacher
Chinese medicine and internal alchemy

All three training modules are self-contained and can be taken separately.

The total scope of the training is:

26 modules on 35 weekends (Sat. & Sun.) and 5 extended weekends (Fri.-Sun.)
1 practice module in your own organization
Observation and documented individual or group training

Certificate: Chinese Medicine Therapist

Training content

  • Specific use in a therapeutic context
  • The shining of the mind (Shen Ming) and the rooting of the mind (Ben Shen)
  • Deep understanding of the energetic, spiritual and medical relationships
    Principles of action of Qi Gong and Chinese medicine in everyday life and at work
  • Penetration of the principle of energy through attention (Yi dao, Qi dao)
  • Silence, presence and Wu Wei in therapy, coaching and teaching
  • Use in prevention and rehabilitation
  • In-depth knowledge of the energy centers (dantians), interconnects (meridians) and important acupuncture points
  • Application in therapy, coaching and personal training
  • Methodology and didactics of teaching for different target groups
  • Intensive experience and work with life energy (Qi)
  • Intensive self-awareness, learning and practicing still and moving Qi Gong forms
  • Philosophical and spiritual background of Chinese medicine (Daoism, classical works, alchemy, …)
  • The importance of the heart in therapy and support
  • Development and deepening of energy perception
  • Intensive self-awareness of the relationships between body, energy and mind
  • Working with the spiritual-soul essence (Jingshen)
  • Experience the water-fire axis on a physical, energetic and spiritual-emotional level
  • Wandering soul (Hun) and body soul (Po)
  • Deep understanding of human consciousness from the perspective of Chinese medicine
  • Development, transformation and healing of pathogenic emotions (Qing): fear, desire, anger, sadness and worry
  • psychosomatic medicine
  • Mind as the most important cause of illness and way of healing
  • Consider pathology and Chinese syndromes based on the mind
  • The spiritual-spiritual dimension of the five phases of change (elements)
  • Use of Chinese medicine as medicine of the soul and spirit
  • Practical work with the five mental-spiritual aspects (Wu Shen)
  • touch the heart in depth and experience it as the most important instance in life
  • Theoretical foundations of Chinese medicine

Areas of work

You apply the experience you gained from the education in the therapy of physical and mental illnesses, in coaching people and companies as well as in courses and seminars. You integrate the training content into your professional and private everyday life and thus benefit yourself and accompany others based on your own authentic experience. The holistic spiritual dimension of Chinese medicine enables a practical and effective deepening of therapy and diagnostic methods and opens up intra- and interpersonal connections in interpersonal relationships.
Qi Gong has a wide range of applications in the therapy of physical and mental illnesses as well as in prevention and rehabilitation. At the same time, it is a path to more zest for life, spiritual development and inner peace. In addition to the therapeutic application, it can also be used successfully in coaching and personal training, in the fitness area or in social and educational professions. On the one hand, this is done for the benefit of clients and patients, and on the other hand, it strengthens the therapist, consultant or coach himself.

Training costs

Chinese medicine therapist
Regular: 9048€, early bird 7969€, payment in installments possible


The complete curriculum for the training “Chinese Medicine Therapist” can be found here.