Corporate banking

Workplace Health Promotion

The health of employees, their motivation and their productivity are mutually dependent. Health and well-being are therefore important prerequisites for an efficient company. This creates a productive and at the same time pleasant working atmosphere. The courses promote internal exchange and contribute to a feeling of togetherness. Balance and clarity improve internal communication, create new perspectives and approaches. Work processes are more targeted and efficient if the employees feel vital and relaxed.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

  • Securing and increasing productivity and quality through healthy employees
  • Return on investment through reduced absence and lower medical costs
  • Improve company communication and the working atmosphere
  • Maintaining a high level of work and performance until retirement age
  • Improve ergonomics
  • Image improvement of the company internally and externally
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and motivation

Benefits for workers

  • Increase general health and resilience
  • Improvement of body awareness and relaxation ability
  • Vitality and joy
  • Stress reduction and improved handling of stress
  • Reduction in health expenditure
  • Development of individual health skills and a healthy lifestyle
  • Relaxation and flexibility
  • Health prevention

Our services

We offer intelligent and needs-based measures for company health promotion and company health management.

  • consulting services
  • prevention courses recognized by health insurance companies
  • seminars
  • Health days
  • presentations
  • workshops
  • individual coaching
  • Training for managers
We would be happy to inform you about our company offers and financing models. Together we will find a suitable offer for you and your employees.