You are the freedom you are looking for!

That in which everything seems to exist, that from which all experiences arise, that by which everything appears, that is what you are.

There is one being, that is accomplished indiscriminately. Before heaven and earth were there, it was already there, so quiet, so empty. It stands alone and does not change. “
Laozi – Dao De Jing 25

This one existing reality, your true nature, the freedom that you are, is a welcoming, all-encompassing allowance that enables change and remains completely unaffected.

Remembering it is Nei Gong 內功 or Inner Work.

It’s not a constructive process,
because the primordial spirit Yuan Shen 元 神, what you really are, is already complete, whole and complete, just like it is. There is nothing to add to that. It’s not about being free from …, but being free with …

Nei Gong 內功 is a destructive process,
because in the end it’s all about recognizing all the self-restricting tendencies of the little spirit Shen 神, what you thought you were so far.

“The reason why I experience great evils is that I have an I. If I don’t have an I, what other evil is there? “
Laozi – Dao De Jing 13

True freedom is beyond subject and object and beyond words. To be free is to be one beyond “I am this or that”.

“The Dao 道 that can be pronounced is not the eternal Dao. The name that can be called is not the eternal name.”
Laozi – Dao De Jing 1

There is nothing to achieve, nothing new or any goal. You don’t have to do anything and go anywhere to be what you already are.

You cannot experience freedom, you can only be it!