Beyond fear and desire lies the source that you are!

Your awakened and fearless heart can befriend anything that appears in the space of perception. Fear is your guide to follow. Follow the fear instead of running away from it, it leads you into your inner wisdom and can be your best teacher. Your true nature is a welcoming, all-embracing and unshakable allowing, that every change is made possible and remains completely untouched by it.

“There is a being that is perfected without distinction. Before heaven and earth were there, it is already there, so quiet, so empty. It stands alone and does not change.”
Laozi – Dao De Jing 25

Remembering it is Nei Gong 內功 or Inner Work.

It’s not a constructive process,
because the primordial spirit Yuan Shen 元 神, what you really are, is already complete, whole and complete, just like it is. There is nothing to add to that.

Nei Gong 內功 is a destructive process,
because in the end it’s all about recognizing all the self-restricting tendencies of the little spirit Shen 神, what you thought you were so far.

“The reason why I experience great evils is that I have an I. If I don’t have an I, what other evil is there? “
Laozi – Dao De Jing 13

True freedom lies beyond subject and object as well as fear and desire and beyond words.

“The Dao 道 that can be pronounced is not the eternal Dao. The name that can be pronounced is not the eternal Dao.”
Laozi – Dao De Jing 1

The core of the training is the encounter with fear. You can examine this energy and look sincerely where and how it has influenced or still influences your life. With each story you recognize as such and with each energy you release, you realize more and more that you don’t have to go anywhere and do nothing to be what you are.