Your calling

Do you love your calling, are you self-employed and are you fascinated by traditional Asian culture? Do you want to use your talents, skills and gifts to contribute to a more livable world and no longer concern yourself with further training and new methods, but are determined to really develop your potential and to share it with as many people as possible? Maybe you also know the tension between self-realization and the search for unity? You know that the way of the heart is not all about peace, love and harmony, but above all requires the warrior’s courage. Now you are looking for a clear and independent way to create something important with your uniqueness?

We empower self-employed people in a modern society to use the spiritual essence of the Far East to express their calling as a way to live life fully.

Because we are convinced that your unique work is of special importance for the whole organism Earth, if you do what you are there for and thus make a contribution to the big picture that goes beyond the personal.

We create an environment of appreciation and recognition, which creates a network of companions, so that we can inspire and support each other. You learn to trust the truth of your heart and not to listen to your excuses and fears. The result is nothing less than the uncompromising realization of your potential.

We do awareness training for warriors so that they can achieve true freedom on their unique path and inspire the world with their calling.

You can

  • grow on EVERY experience
  • you decide to work on yourself continuously and in a focused manner and remove everything that blocks the desired results
  • use fear as a guide instead of letting yourself hold you back
  • follow your heart, knowing that this is always the best choice
  • learn from and with the best
  • we encourage people to go their own way so that they create something important with love