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The importance of emotions in traditional chinese medicine and in inner alchemy

The importance of emotions in traditional chinese medicine and in inner alchemy

In Chinese medicine, it is known for millennia that any physical disharmony has also psycho-emotional aspects. This illustrates the strong influence which thoughts or mental impulses have to our well-being and our health.

Emotions are a physical expression of energy and have a strong connection to thought content. In the Chinese tradition it is called "Yi dao, Qi dao" – energy flows where attention goes. The Qi, the life energy, is the link between body and mind. The Chinese medicine describes this vividly in the model of the "three treasures" (San Bao). Emotions are ultimately movements of Qi. In Inner Alchemy (neigong ) there is the following principle:

"Negative emotions are the result of untrue beliefs."

This is a signpost that can really lead us to the roots of any emotional disorder.

 The cause of suffering is confusion. In the Tibetan and Chinese medicine negative emotions and destructive thinking, wrong action and disorder in the family system are causes of disease. In Daoist writings and in the classics of Chinese medicine, we find confusion as the cause of suffering:

"People do not get the true Dao,
because they have a disturbed heart.
If their heart is stirred up,
their mind is also excited.
Irritation, worry, turmoil and thoughts
bring pain to the body and the heart."

Qingjing Jing - The Minutes of purity and tranquility

Our body is the basis of any development of consciousness. Through its emotions it shows which belief systems inhabit our minds. From the perspective of Chinese medicine every emotion flows through the heart and causes heat and restlessness.

In ancient China the heart was the highest authority of the inner world and it was compared with the emperor. The emperor represented the connection to the Divine and should always be free from desires and wishes. So he could receive the message of heaven and guided the people wisely. The Chinese called this state of consciousness “Wu Wei” - the non - intervention. It is the way of the majestic virtues – not want to change anything, because one agree with the flow of life. Thus, emotional health is one of the most important preventive measures of Chinese Medicine .

"Only weakened by inadequate emotions bad winds penetrate the body. " ( ... ) If you treat someone therapeutically, the Shen of the patient must be considered first. "

Ling Shu , chap. 8th

Shen is the consciousness and thus clearly shows that a holistic healing always includes the state of consciousness.

In the simplicity of the above-mentioned principle that negative emotions includes untrue beliefs, is a tremendous force.

This principle authorizes us to take responsibility for your own feelings and gives us the strength to grow by oneself. That is true freedom, because it weakens the victim mentality. The twin of the victim is the blame.

We know that the energy follows the attention. Thus, blame and victim attitudes are pure waste of energy. True mastery is to integrate the principles of Inner Alchemy, Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine into everyday life. Our best training partners are the people we see every day in the situations that life gives us.

Based on the philosophy of Yin and Yang, we know that everything has two polar qualities in the universe. A stroke of fate can be a catalyst for inner growth. In practice this means that you can check every emerging feeling on the underlying belief. The subconscious belief system causes the feeling. To transform emotions, it helps to recognize that belief system. The first step of this transformation is the recognition and awareness. Another way to make hidden beliefs visible, is the mirror of the outside world. The principles of Yin and Yang explain that the microcosm corresponds to the macrocosm and the interior corresponds to the exterior This means that any projection of negativity to other people is an indication of our own blind spots. Negative emotions are the language and the corrective of the spirit (Yuan Shen), to indicate that we have strayed from the right path.

In Chinese tradition, we bring all these emotions back to the origin in order to bring the mind home. The home of the mind is the heart. The own focus (Yi) is directed in the middle of the heart center. We only observe and locate the feeling in the body. Then we stay there and do nothing. That's all. That's the unconditional heart-quality – we invite the emotions to stay. The Nature of Qi is change. Due to the fact that the energy follows the attention, emotions transforms by observing.

The heart is the fire-element and it transforms everything into light and warmth. The Spirit (Yuan Shen) in a polar world wants to go back to the unity of origin. All personal and spiritual progress is related to experience of less separation. This means to feel similar to other people - not better or worse. We are watching what is happening and act spontaneously when necessary.This raises the understanding as the basis of love, which is ultimately the only true medicine.