Qi Gong training

This training is about you, your true nature and the connection with the living energies of heaven and earth. Qi is the inhalation and exhalation of the universe and Gong is the process of exposing your essential core and letting it shine (Shen Ming).

We practice traditional Qi Gong methods of Wudang Daoism, connect ourselves with strong energy fields and can thus let go, which no longer serves us. We strengthen the body as a vessel for energy and spirit, learn how to use the three treasures Jing (essence), Qi (energy) and Shen (spirit) in a targeted manner and can use these powers for us and others.

Through your individual process and your own immediate experiences, your ability to use and convey these methods naturally increases.

“Those who practice learning increase every day. Those who practice the Dao diminish daily. “
Dao De Jing – Chap. 48

This training is a journey inward to your essence and a practical study of the universal wisdom of Chinese medicine and Daoism. Qi Gong is the flow of life and that which effortlessly expresses from the center of your heart.

Structure of training

The training is divided into two stages:

Course instructor: 300 units of 45 minutes each. in 2 years
The training to become a Qi Gong instructor comprises 9 modules on 17 weekends in 2 years

Teacher: 550 units of 45 minutes each. in 3 years
The training to become a Qi Gong teacher comprises 17 modules on 31 weekends in 3 years

Training content course instructor

  • Intensive self-awareness, learning and practicing the silent and moving Qi Gong forms (the Qi Gong of the five elements or Qi Gong of the five animals, eight brocades, small energy cycle, healing sounds, …)
  • Intensive experience and work with life energy (Qi)
  • Basics of Chinese medicine
  • Methodology and didactics of Qi Gong teaching for different target groups as well as seminar and course concepts
  • Use of Qi Gong in therapy, coaching and personal training
  • Relationships between body, energy, mind and breath
  • In-depth knowledge of the energy centers (Dantians), interconnects (meridians) and important acupuncture points
  • Philosophical and spiritual background of Qi Gong and Chinese medicine (Daoism, Buddhism, martial arts, …)
  • Qi Gong in prevention and rehabilitation

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Training content teacher

  • Xian Tian Hun Yuan Gong (Return to Origin), Li Dan Gong (The Standing Elixir), Dantian Qi Gong
  • Silence, presence and Wu Wei in therapy, coaching and teaching
  • Exploration of the principle of energetic flow through attention (Yi dao, Qi dao)
  • Principles of action of Qi Gong in everyday life and at work
  • Deep understanding of the energetic, spiritual and medical relationships
  • The shining of the spirit (Shen Ming) and the rooting of the spirit (Ben Shen)
  • Philosophical, spiritual and medical backgrounds (Daoism, Buddhism, Chinese medicine, mysticism)
  • Qi Gong and psychosomatic medicine
  • Concrete use of the individual Qi Gong forms in a therapeutic context

Areas of work

Qi Gong has a wide range of applications in the therapy of physical and mental illnesses as well as in prevention and rehabilitation. At the same time, it is a path to more zest for life, spiritual development and inner peace. In addition to the therapeutic application, it can also be used successfully in coaching and personal training, in the fitness area or in social and educational professions. On the one hand, this is done for the benefit of clients and patients, and on the other hand, it strengthens the therapist, consultant or coach himself.

  • Management of Qi Gong courses and seminars
  • Personal training
  • therapy
  • Use in Chinese medicine

Training costs

Qi Gong instructor
Regular: 3600 €, early bird 3300 €, payment in installments possible

Qi Gong teacher (with already completed instructor level)
Regular: 3000 €, early bird 2750 €, payment in installments possible

Recognition and certification

The Qi Gong training is based on the general training guidelines (AALL) of the German umbrella association for Qi Gong and Taijiquan (DDQT).