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Your essence – your path – your mission

“My mission is to make everyone’s highest potential shine in harmony with our home planet.”

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Your calling

Jingshen – Your soul essence

This work aims to advance you on your very own path so that you can express your soul essence (Jingshen). Jingshen is the connection of your individual essence with the all-pervading consciousness of the universe. At the moment, something unique can appear through you. This uniqueness is your gift to the world and the radiance (Shen Ming) of your true nature.

Any physical, mental or spiritual disharmony is used as a guide to connect you more deeply with your own truth. When you are ready to grow from any experience, everything is fuel for the journey on YOUR way.

Everything you carry in your heart, you can realize, because the world needs you!

“If the Jingshen is preserved inside, where could disease arise from?
Consequently, the senses are calm and you have few wishes.
The mind is at peace and there is no fear.
The body may be in action, but it does not tire. “
Huang Di Nei Jing – Ch. 1


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