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Fearlessness is freedom

“The key to your natural being of freedom is fearlessness. If you are fearless, you share your essential spirit (Jingshen 精神), your gift to the world naturally and effortlessly through your pure being.”

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Fearlessness is the most important and most sustainable medicine. It is the royal medicine of Chinese medicine and all mystical traditions. To be fearless means to follow the path of the heart. It is the result of a sense of presence when the essence of every experience unfolds fully within and through you. Your sensory perception and your heart reflect what is really here now, beyond the stories, concepts and interpretations.

We are only interested in the inner world because the seemingly outer world is a reflex of consciousness. The rooting of the spirit (Ben Shen 本 神), the true union of water and fire happens when consciousness sees through all fears and thereby recognizes the unshakable freedom that you are.

“Forget security. Live where you fear to live.”
Jalal ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

What you really are is fearless, present, joyful and free. You just have to look closely.

The ego is made out of fear and the twin energy of fear is desire. We want to avoid one and have the other. Desires are fears and the whole thing is held together by the compulsion to control. Fearlessness is beyond attachment and aversion.

“If the Jingshen is preserved inside, where could disease arise from?
Consequently, the senses are calm and you have few wishes.
The mind is at peace and there is no fear.
The body may be in action, but it does not tire. “
Huang Di Nei Jing – Ch. 1


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