Emotional freedom with Chinese medicine & inner alchemy – online course

“If you are driven by human feelings, you can easily go astray. When you are driven by nature, it is difficult to go astray.”
Zhuangzi 4/1

In Chinese medicine, emotions are considered to be internal illness-causing factors because they impair the spirit Shen 神 which ultimately rule the body and our actions. The spirit is at home in the heart and every emotion causes heat in the heart.

In this online course, you will learn the principles of ancient Chinese sciences how to guide energy and use this principles for yourself, to recognize emotions as what they are – energy in motion – to expose and let go of and the underlying identification patterns. As a result, this energy is freely available to you again, the mind becomes calmer and you can experience the freedom that you are. The glow of the heart-spirit clearly comes to the fore of your perception.

Six sessions: the first principle and the five elements

1. Session – The first principle
Everything you perceive is changeable as well as your body and everything that appears in and around it and is thus form or shape. The other pole is the imperishable spirit (Yuan Shen 元 神). The Qi appears as the link between mind and body and follows attention (Yi dao, Qi dao 意 道 氣 道). The essence of qi is change. Your pure presence can transform everything if you see clearly. This clear seeing and the strengthening of the feeling presence are in the foreground in the first session.

2. Session Water – The basis of life
The water element is the basis of life on all levels. It is nourished by stillness and strongly influenced by fear. So the second session is about transforming fear and realizing that Stillness is not what you perceive but what you are.

3. Session Fire – Desirelessness
The heart is assigned to the fire element as the home of the spirit. The spirit as emperor should be free from desires in order to rule wisely. Therefore, the third session is about recognizing desires and the associated emotions, thoughts and actions. Building on the first two sessions, you will learn how to perceive the energy of desire without the feeling of having to do anything with it or experiencing any lack.

4. Session Earth – Beeing presence or what you are is enough
The spiritual aspect Yi 意 is at home in the Earth Element. This is closely related to the most important transformation organ spleen and the star constellation of the snake. The snake is the symbol of a strong transformation because it can digest everything with skin and tenacity. Transferred to the spiritual level, the aspect Yi 意 can transform everything and is therefore also connected in Yi Jing 易经 (The Book of Changes) with the first hexagram Qian and thus with creation. Here the first principle is deepened and you can experience how your spiritual focus can transform your entire experience of the world.

5. Session Wood – Purifiying the Subconscious mind
The liver, which stores the blood, belongs to the wood element. The blood is the home of the wandering soul Hun 魂. The wandering soul is a huge memory that contains all experiences, belief systems and emotional-energetic reaction patterns. Just as the blood in the heart is animated by the spirit Shen  , the Hun feeds the Shen with its stored programs and reaction patterns and thus the ego feeling or identity. In this session we will bring the hidden contents and identification patterns of the Hun to the surface and take a very careful look at where they have affected our lives so far.

6. Session Metal – Take life fully
The body soul Po 魄 is at home in the metal element and the lungs. Like the movement of the lungs and autumn, it goes deep into matter and stands for the unrestricted yes to life. Whenever you thought it was too much or you could stand it no longer, the body soul is weakened and you can regain this strength. In addition, the body soul, like autumn, stands for the completion of cycles. Stagnation or anything that has not been completed because you are still emotionally attached to it is blocking the body soul. The form 形 or body is considered in the Daoist tradition as a vessel 器 for energy 氣 and spirit 神. We root the body soul deep in the vessel, complete the old and reconnect with the inexhaustible source of life force.


We meet online for one hour on 6 days and each session is recorded and the video is made available to everyone. So you can work with the material as often as you like. I will be visible on camera and present the material. You decide yourself whether you want to be visible or just listen.

“The knowing, they examine unity.
The ignorant, they examine opposites.
The ignorant have a shortage.
Those who know have a surplus. ”
Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen – Chapter 5


At the beginning of the meeting we root the spirit (Ben Shen 本 神) together in the heart and take time to recognize what we really are. Then I present the topic and the associated principles. After that there is time for individual work, questions and assistance. The focus is not on acquiring theoretical knowledge, but on your own immediate experience. The ancient Chinese sciences are all including empirical sciences. The theory only serves as an aid to direct experience.

Dates for the German-speaking group from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
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Dates for the English-speaking group from 7.30pm to 8.30pm
06.04. / 07.04. / 09.04. / 10.04 / 11.04. / 12.04.

This course has no therapeutic healing measures and no diagnoses are made. Great emphasis is put on the information used. This does not release the user or participant from their own responsibility. Niels Paulini can accept no liability for any disadvantages and damage arising from the information given in the course.

Price per person

€ 200 (including VAT)