Jingshen 精神 – Your essential spirit

Do you love your calling, are you self-employed and are you fascinated by traditional Asian culture? Do you want to express your calling as a life path in full size? Perhaps you also know the tension between self-actualization and the search for unity in a private and professional context? Now you are looking for a clear and independent way to create something important with your uniqueness?

Do you love your calling in the truest sense of the word, are you self-employed and are you fascinated by traditional Asian culture? Is your calling your way of life? Perhaps you also know the tension between self-realization and the search for unity in a private and professional context?

Your essential spirit (Jingshen 精神) is the connection of your individual essence with the all-pervading consciousness of the universe. At this point in time something significant can appear through you. This uniqueness is your gift to the world and the radiant shine (Shen Ming 神明) of your true nature.

I would be happy to accompany you in developing your essential spirit (Jingshen 精神) naturally and effortlessly.

What awaits you at the seminar

A maximum of eight participants
We work intensively and individually. My aim is to hold a space during the seminar that supports each individual and the group. I am there for you during the seminar and after the seminar you know how it will go on for you.
Your Gift – The essential spirit (Jingshen 精神)
When you recognize your essential spirit, you can avoid frustrating and tense situations directly and have access to an individual source of strength that enables you to actively tackle projects that suit you and your life’s work. This energy carries you effortlessly through activities that really make a significant contribution to many people.
Your way – your mission
The essential spirit brings with it a unique mission; what you are there for. You discover that the right customers for you and your mission are companions on a path that enables you to make your life meaningful, successful and self-determined.
Energy flows where attention goes
Already during the seminar, based on the knowledge you have gained, you begin to focus your life entirely on your calling, in accordance with your family situation and the path you have chosen. You expose inner and outer distractions and with a focused presence you can easily achieve better results that fulfill you and make your customers happy.
Energy in motion – use emotions efficiently and wisely
You train how to use fear and desire as a guide and dissatisfaction as a motor.
The North Star – Stay on the path
You discover the inner model of your life, the North Star and thus always have a suitable way of making the best decisions for you, even in difficult times, to stay on your path and to focus your energy on your mission in order to make your services available in the best possible way.
To grow beyond the old
You can see what has kept you from uncompromisingly realizing your potential so far and instead of lingering in the familiar, you take the decisive step in the seminar from “That should be done” to “I dedicate my life to this mission”.
The seminar takes you on a clearly structured path in which you express your talents, skills and gifts at a high level. During the three days you end the unstructured search and recognize your uniqueness as an access to unity. This enables you to actively promote situations professionally and privately that are fulfilling for you and allow you to do your best. You get everything you need to continue on your own path.

We empower people in a modern society to use the spiritual essence of the Far East to develop the full potential of their calling. Because we are convinced that your unique work is a valuable inspiration for the whole organism Earth and that you experience true freedom if you do what you are there for and make a contribution to the big picture that goes beyond the personal.

price per person

Regular: 800.00 € (including VAT)
Early bird until April 30th, 2020: 720 € (including VAT)

Venue and date

28.08.2020 – 30.08.2020

Shendao Zentrum
Winsstr. 44
10405 Berlin