Chinese Medicine and Inner Alchemy

In the classical works of Chinese medicine there are countless indications that the highest principle of healing and healthy living is the spirit (Shen). Emotions (Qing) are considered the strongest influence on the mind and spirit. That is why they are described in Chinese medicine as internal pathogenic factors. The mind and spirit leads the life energy (Qi). If this is clouded by emotions or disoriented, it is at the expense of your own strength.

Therefore, the transformation of challenging emotions and the associated programs is the focus of Inner Alchemy (Nei Gong). This inner alchemy is the key to health and a peaceful and fulfilling life. Chinese medicine is imbued with this knowledge and ultimately wants to lead people back to the Dao, the source from which everything arises and which can only be experienced through the heart.

Therefore, it is repeatedly emphasized in the traditional texts that the clarity of the spirit (Shen Ming) and the regulation of emotions are more important in medical application than acupuncture or herbal therapy, which are considered as secondary means. Chinese medicine is therefore always energy and awareness work.
Ultimately, this also leads the therapist through a transformative process. Because only those who are healthy radiate a healing presence that is more important than all methods and practices. So the highest therapeutic intervention is non-intervention (Wu Wei). All of this comes from the heart and the spirit inherent in it. Chinese medicine and internal alchemy place the heart as a physical and spiritual center at the focus of our own development, human interaction and every form of therapy.

The training at the Shendao Zentrum takes this into account and focuses on the healing of emotions and the immediate experience of the five mental and spiritual aspects (Wu Shen).

The training at the Shendao Zentrum thus provides effective and applicable knowledge and thus reacts to the increasing number of psychosomatic illnesses. It is not about another theoretical concept, but about the practical implementation of the mental and spiritual dimension of Chinese medicine.

Since the focus is on understanding and applying the principles of Chinese medicine and internal alchemy, the body, mind and soul are addressed and developed in a way that enables this knowledge to be applied directly without healing. In addition, all other methods of Chinese medicine or other therapeutic methods can be integrated into the new experiences and thus enriched and deepened.

Structure of training

229 units of 45 min. in 2 years
The training in Chinese medicine includes 9 modules on 4 weekends (Sat. & Sun.) and 5 extended weekends (Fri.-Sun.) plus 1 practice module in own organization in 2 years


Chinese medicine and Inner alchemy

Training content Chinese medicine & internal alchemy

  • touch the heart in depth and experience it as the most important instance in life
  • Practical work with the five mental-spiritual aspects (Wu Shen)
  • Use of Chinese medicine as medicine of the soul and spirit
  • The spiritual-spiritual dimension of the five phases of change (elements)
  • Consider pathology and Chinese syndromes based on the mind
  • Mind as the most important cause of illness and way of healing
  • psychosomatic medicine
  • Development, transformation and healing of pathogenic emotions (Qing): fear, desire, anger, sadness and worry
  • Deep understanding of human consciousness from the perspective of Chinese medicine
  • Wandering soul (Hun) and body soul (Po)
  • Experience the water-fire axis on a physical, energetic and spiritual-emotional level
  • Working with the spiritual-soul essence (Jingshen)
  • Intensive self-awareness of the relationships between body, energy and mind
  • an authentic and individual acquisition of knowledge through experience-based training
  • Development and deepening of energy perception
  • The importance of the heart in therapy and support
  • Philosophical and spiritual background of Chinese medicine (Daoism, classical works, alchemy, …)

Areas of work

You apply the inner experiences gained during the education in the therapy of physical and mental illnesses, in the coaching of people and companies as well as in courses and seminars. You integrate the training content into your professional and private everyday life and thus benefit yourself and accompany others based on your own authentic experience. The holistic spiritual dimension of Chinese medicine enables a practical and effective deepening of therapy and diagnostic methods and opens up intra- and interpersonal connections in human relationships.

Training costs

Chinese medicine and internal alchemy
Regular: € 2748, early bird € 2519
Payment in installments possible


The complete curriculum for the “Chinese Medicine and Inner Alchemy” training can be found here.