Retreat “Fearlessness”

“Be convinced that the secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.”

Ben Shen 本神 – Rooting the spirit

In this retreat we explore where our perception has its roots and which filters have so far unconsciously influenced the experience of the mind-energy-body world.

Tiger and Dragon by Lei Zhang

The spirit is at home in the heart and in the fire and finds its roots in the yin of the kidneys and the water. The spiritual essence of water in the liberated form is the heart of a truly scholar, the willpower that is subordinate to the heart or pure consciousness 志. In its constrained form, it is permeated with fear.

The sense organs as  the heavenly officials 天 官 are subordinate to the heart-spirit. If the spirit finds its roots in fear, the unconscious filter of fear lies above every sensory perception and experience of the world.

Fearlessness leads to a truly knowing and strong-willed spirit that recognizes the freedom it is and thus understands the world in its essence.

 Retreat details

  • 7 days of training in a strong group field
  • high quality course manual with essential exercises, perspectives and content for integration into your own everyday life after the retreat
  • Script and video for the Qi Gong “Li Dan Gong 立 丹 功 – The Standing Elixir”

“The person of LIFE rests without worries and acts without fear. The thoughts of right and wrong, beautiful and ugly don’t concern him. “
Zhuangzi – Das wahre Buch vom südlichen Blütenland, 2. Exoterisches, Buch XII, Kap. 12

The two aspects of training

On the one hand we train the Qi Gong “Li Dan Gong 立 丹 功 – The Standing Elixir” and on the other hand we explore all aspects that seem to separate us from our natural fearlessness.

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Qi Gong

Fears or the desire for security and survival are closely linked to the appearance of the body and our identification with it. The relationship to the body as an apparently material object determines our patterns of perception and thus the entire experience of the world.

“If the Jingshen is preserved inside, where could disease arise from?
Consequently, the senses are calm and you have few wishes.
The mind is at peace and there is no fear.
The body may be in action, but it does not tire. “
Huang Di Nei Jing – Chapter 1

We practice and use this Qi Gong,

  • to clarify the deepest energetic structure, the eight miracle meridians (Qi Jing Ba Mai) and the circulating essence (Jing) in which the spirit is rooted
  • to pervade the appearance of the body via targeted breathing methods and to free it from all apparent blockages
  • to open the heart as an entrance to the Dao and the one immutable reality that you are
  • to strengthen the body or shape 形 as a vessel or tool 器 for energy 氣 and spirit 神


  • Why fear is the best guide to the heart
  • The root of the spirit in the heart, in the here and now and in the strength that you are
  • What is beyond perceptual content? What appears in stillness?
  • What is that that never changes but enables every change?
  • Roots for the illusion of fear and the clear recognition of this delusion; Influence on sensory perception; Fear and desire as a filter of perception
  • Anxiety in the ancestral field, long cultivated stories and identification patterns
  • Is there any control? What is true letting go?

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Effect of the training

  • Ease, joy and clear seeing what is
  • Fearlessness, inner peace 安 and the shining of the spirit 神明
  • Recognizing and letting go of identification with time and the resulting stress (Shao Yang symptoms) and the deep-seated belief that you always have to do something
  • self-developing and compassionate action in the service of the heart
  • Unity, your pure existence is enough
  • true freedom and stillness


  • You have already gained experience with Qi Gong or meditation and focus more on what you feel than on what you think
  • You are also ready to question long-term concepts and emotional patterns based on your life story or past experience
  • Your interest in immediate research of the truth is greater than your desire for intellectual discussion


7 days training in a retreat center or hotel in nature, catering on site


1200 € (including VAT)
plus accommodation
Early booking until January 6th, 2020
1000 € (including VAT)
plus accommodation