Annual training 2020

Return to the origin

“You are already the freedom you are looking for”

The origin

In this one-year training course, we explore the essential experience of what really appears in the space of perception or on the unchangeable background of consciousness and thus look directly through the mental and emotional manifestations of the limitations.

What distracts us from the experience of the origin is that we often only look at the interpretations, concepts and etiquette that we give reflexively to the emerging experiences instead of perceiving the essentials in the here and now.

Or we miss it because we believe and wait for circumstances to change.

It follows that a large part of our way of life is based on limiting and untested assumptions and thus creates a basic tension that develops between the desire for unity and the belief in a separate individual.

The origin, the Dao or the primordial spirit (Yuan Shen 元 神) are beyond the mind and the words. The Dao contains the mind and the words, but can never be contained in them.

“The Dao that can be pronounced is not the eternal Dao. The name that can be called is not the eternal name. “

What you are is beyond words, thoughts and feelings, is aware of it, but completely unaffected by it. The nature of the primordial spirit is a gentle and peaceful welcome to every experience. Nothing can be added or removed from your true being.

“Those who dedicate themselves to learning increase their knowledge every day.
Those who devote themselves to the Dao diminish it daily”

So the main thing is to let go of everything that seems to cover up the experience of the origin or your true nature. These include our restrictive stories, concepts, thoughts, feelings, experiences and the I-sense.

Course details

  • One training session of 3 hours a month, a total of 10 training sessions (30 hours) – no training in July and August
  • One study letter per month as PDF for preparation and consolidation with tasks, perspectives and text passages from the classic sources; a total of 10 study letters (July and August not applicable)
  • A script as a PDF for the Qi Gong “Returning to the Origin” (Xian Tian Hun Yuan Gong)
  • limited to 5 participants

The two aspects of training

On the one hand, we train the Qi Gong “return to the origin” and on the other hand we dedicate ourselves to researching all aspects that seem to separate us from the origin.

Qi Gong

The own body, the bodies of other people as well as material appearances and external situations attract a large part of our attention, although in the end they are only a reflection of our inner world as a reflex of the mind.

“No-thing called
the beginning of heaven and earth
came to existence
motherr of countless things”

We practice and use this Qi Gong

  • to experience the connections between mind and body and thus to investigate our influence on the appearances of body and material world where they arise
  • to sharpen our perception of how energetic and mental phenomena influence our thinking, feeling and acting in our everyday life and our way of life
  • to explore what comes and goes and what is really constant and thus embody an immediate experience of the origin and to get the mind-energy-body system used to it


  • How the Dao (道) expresses itself through energetic movements (Qi 氣) in form and in the body (Xing 形); Energy movements in the space of perception and attribution of meaning, connections between mind and body, the body as a reflex of the mind
  • Wu Wei (無為): How can I directly experience the effortless action without a doer? How does experience without an experiencer affect my life style, my job and my relationships?
  • What is beyond the personal and impersonal? “Only by not claiming anything does he lose nothing”; What is it that never changes? What is it that is always effortlessly present? What is aware of everything but not influenced by anything? What is behind the thoughts, feelings and challenges of life?
  • How the appearance of time affects the meridians, energetics and emotions; cyclical and linear understanding of time

Effect of the training

  • the natural transparency of your being comes into your consciousness more clearly and thus you have more energy, you feel more secure and your external actions bear more fruit
  • You shape your life based on your inner intuitive wisdom instead of concepts, belief systems and emotions
  • Access to imperturbability and inner peace as a lived experience at every moment
  • natural, effortless and self-developing action for the benefit of the whole
  • Compassion and the ability to truly and honestly love what is
  • true freedom and silence


  • You have already gained experience with Qi Gong or meditation and focus more on what you feel than on what you think
  • You are also ready to question long-term concepts and emotional patterns based on your life story or past experience
  • Your interest in immediate research of the truth is greater than your desire for intellectual discussion


5 trainings on Monday and 5 trainings on Friday from 5.30pm to 8.30pm in the Shendao Center, Winsstr. 44, 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

First group
Second group


12 monthly installments of € 68 each
January to December 2020
Early bird until 13.02.2020
12 monthly installments of € 60 each
January to December 2020


You can find the registration form here.


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