Your uniqueness is the key to true freedom

Mankind lives more peacefully and the world will be a better place to live if we follow our unique task and make a significant contribution to the whole world as one single organism.

We can achieve this if we achieve freedom in thinking, feeling and acting that is beyond the personal and at the same time it is deeply fulfilling because we do what we are here for.

After years of studying and practicing Eastern wisdom teachings, medical systems and martial arts as well as the scientific education of the West, it corresponds to my immediate experience that happiness, fulfillment and holistic health are the result of a life that is dedicated to one’s own calling and thus a unique task.

The spiritual essence of the Far East and the ancient philosophical schools of the West has always been awareness training. The diverse ecological, social and cultural challenges of our time are a direct reflection of the collective state of human consciousness.

Scientific, medical or meditative training courses mostly deal with the transfer of knowledge and methods, instead of directly developing the soil on which these seeds fall, awareness and cognitive ability.
Despite the discovery of quantum physics, western science is still largely trapped in the mechanistic world view. The philosophical and cultural currents are also subject to identification with the thinking “Cogito ergo sum”, although on the one hand it is always polar and knows no good without evil and on the other hand it is one of the greatest sources of human suffering if man derives his identity from it.

The teachings of ancient Asian wisdom and their medicine is too often lost in the accumulation of specialist knowledge, methods and techniques and seldom takes into account the basics of these teachings and their most important principles. The first priority must always be the development of consciousness and the cultivation of heart qualities. Everything else is secondary.

In our trainings we collect the essence of Eastern wisdom and Western science and focus on transformative learning and the direct utilization of these teachings so that they directly enrich life on a spiritual, emotional and material level.

A look at the daily news shows that the entire organism Earth and humanity with the current state of consciousness have questionable future prospects. Every low point can be a turning point and every crisis an opportunity.

We empower people in a modern society to use the spiritual essence of the Far East to unlock the full potential of their calling, to experience true freedom and thereby inspire others to contribute to a world that is peaceful and worth living for all beings.

Would you like to participate in or contribute to this vision? For example as a trainer at our seminars, as an employee … then please contact us!